My Approach

Evidence-Based Techniques within a Supportive Therapeutic Relationship

I help people engage in scientific, well-researched strategies for their difficulties within the context of a warm, collaborative, transparent therapeutic alliance. My work with clients supports them in better understanding themselves, learning new skills, and exploring different perspectives on how to approach their struggles. Therapy with me is an active process, meaning it often involves developing a willingness to face avoided experiences and emotions, and practicing exercises in a systematic manner within and between sessions. The aim of my work with people is not only to tend to emotional suffering but also to tap into strengths to bring about greater wellbeing and personal fulfillment.


What To Expect

Initial Phone Consultation

The first step is to schedule a brief complimentary phone consultation to help determine if I may be the right person to support you.

Initial Meetings

During the first few visits, we will complete an assessment in which I aim to get to know you, and the difficulties you would like to work on. We will continue to assess whether my approach is the right fit for your needs.

Duration of Sessions

Ongoing therapy visits are 45 minutes. Initial assessment meetings are 50 minutes.