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Intro To Self-Compassion


Self-Compassion is an essential component in people-pleasing recovery.

Yet most people haven't been taught how to be kind to themselves. Let's get you started with the basics. I'll teach you what you need to know to get started and several hands-on practices to get you being kinder to yourself right away.


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Workshop Details

Date: Tuesday November 1st, 2022

Time: 10am - 12pm PST

Cost: $30

Where: Live on zoom

Format: Learn about self-compassion & be guided in hands-on exercises

How to Access: You will receive an email with the link to the workshop & your password to join after your purchase

In This Workshop You’ll Learn

The Connection Between Self-Criticism & People-Pleasing

You'll learn why self-criticism keeps you people-pleasing, and how self-compassion skills can set you free. I'll share an easy-to-understand summary of the newest research on self-compassion.

Practical Self-Compassion Exercises

I'll guide you through several hands-on self-compassion exercises that will allow you to practice self-kindness "in the moment."

To Motivate Yourself WIth Love Instead of Criticism

We'll discuss common fears about self-compassion, including the idea that it will take away your motivation to improve. I'll show you an alternative of motivating yourself with kindness instead of fear.


I'm Dr. Katie Fracalanza

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & People-Pleasing Expert

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in people-pleasing, fear of judgment, anxiety, and self-compassion. I work as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University where I conduct research and train other therapists. I’ve been providing therapy for more than 14 years and have helped thousands of individuals just like you to overcome people-pleasing and start living as their authentic selves. 

Not only am I an experienced psychologist, but I’m also a recovering people-pleasing. I’m in a unique position to help you as I know the people-pleasing struggle from both the client and therapist perspectives. I have gone from anxiously doing what everyone else wants to being an empowered leader in my area of interest - all by learning to listen to myself, speak up, and take actions in line with my true self. I know I can help you do the same thing!

If you’re ready to learn some practical, real-life skills that will allow you to start developing a kind relationship with yourself, join my live experiential workshop.

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