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Overcome People-Pleasing and Social Anxiety

Learn skills to like yourself and find your voice


Are you ready to feel more confident?
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Are you tired of:

  • worrying if other people like you?

  • exhausting yourself by trying to make everyone else happy? or 

  • putting your own needs last?

My online class will give you the tools you need to overcome fear of judgment and find your voice.

It includes the most powerful practices I've learned over the past decade personally, and as a Stanford psychologist. I've used the skills in my course to go from anxiously doing what everyone else wanted to leading confidently and genuinely. I've helped hundreds of people do the same and I can't wait for you to unlock your true self too!

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My Approach

You don't need to try harder. You just need the right tools.

Understanding Yourself

In my course, you'll learn where your people-pleasing ideas came from, and the main factors that make individuals vulnerable to people-pleasing. You'll explore the usefulness and limitations of people-pleasing in your current life situation.


Do you try to improve by criticizing yourself? Even though you might scare yourself into meeting your goals, the side effect of self-criticism is feeling anxious and exhausted. At the center of my approach is teaching you to make changes in your life from a place of understanding and supporting yourself.

True-Self Practice

My program provides step-by-step guidance that allows people to let go of people-pleasing systematically, without white-knuckling. You'll practice slowly being your authentic self and learn skills to tolerate the discomfort that comes up with this.

Psychologist Session

Looking For Individual Therapy?

Expert therapists. Tailored support.

Are you looking for personalized support and live in the state of California?

My team of providers at the California Psychology Center can help. I work with a small team of expert therapists who practice in a similar manner as me. We are compassionate, person-centered therapists who help our clients break free of unhelpful patterns and live their values.


Hi There

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist working at Stanford University as a Clinical Assistant Professor. I also lead a private clinic called the California Psychology Center, where I train like-minded providers.

In my roles, I help people learn to work with stress and accept themselves. To stop people-pleasing and start listening to what they really want. For most of us, being kind to ourselves in the face of stress is a challenging, lifelong process. 

Over the past decade as a clinical psychologist, I have been on a personal and professional journey to learn the most effective pathways to managing anxiety and becoming more self-compassionate. As a supervisor and consultant to other providers, I teach an approach of how to overcome anxiety from a place of self-love that I've developed from research, experience, and trial-and-error explorations. 

My current goal is to make the insights that I've learned professionally and "the hard way" available to a broader range of people who may benefit. I'm developing classes on the core skills that have been life-changing for me, my patients, and my trainees over the years. 

The first available course will be on overcoming people-pleasing and living genuinely. It is for anyone who struggles to consider their own needs and wants to feel more empowered to take action in their life.

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