Areas of Expertise

I treat both clinical disorders and life struggles that would not be classified as disorders. Most people have difficulty with some things, at some point. In other words, it is entirely normal to need help and support. I specialize in the following areas:


Anxiety & Worry

  • social anxiety disorder

  • generalized anxiety disorder

  • panic disorder

  • stress

  • specific fears


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • doubting and checking

  • contamination fears and washing

  • fear about accidental harm

  • taboo thoughts and mental rituals

  • ordering, arranging, symmetry, counting

  • difficulty with decision making

  • repetitive behaviors

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Low Self-Confidence

  • difficulty saying no

  • difficulty asking for what you want

  • worry about what others think

  • difficulty negotiating 

  • fear of public speaking

  • self-doubt



  • working too much

  • difficulty relaxing or having fun

  • overpreparing or overplanning

  • avoiding important tasks

  • procrastinating

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Personal Growth

  • deepening connections

  • increasing self-compassion 

  • increasing mindfulness

  • increasing personal fulfillment