Services I Offer

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In-person Psychotherapy

In-person psychotherapy involves coming to my office in Menlo Park. Typically therapy sessions are scheduled at the same time once per week and last 45 minutes. There are cases where we may agree to schedule longer or more frequent visits, depending on the issue we are focusing on, and your goals for the timeline of treatment.

Telehealth Psychotherapy

Getting in to see a healthcare provider in-person can be challenging, particularly with a busy schedule. I offer telephone and video appointments with select clients, in cases where we agree that it will be a suitable method of treatment for your difficulties. The telehealth software I use is fully HIPPA compliant.


Clinical Consultation

As a clinical supervisor at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, I have honed a specific skill-set in supporting other mental health providers. Consultation with me often focuses on working through aspects of clinical work that you find yourself feeling stuck on. It can also involve learning new clinical skills.

Career-Related Consultation

I commonly work with people to overcome fears of giving presentations, negotiating, having difficult conversations, and job interviewing. It can also be helpful to receive support in thinking through effective ways to meet your career goals, clarifying your professional interests and navigating challenging work situations.

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Training and Workshops

I have experience giving training and workshops on stress management in both academic and corporate contexts. 
The way that I offer training is flexible and can be tailored to your group’s specific needs.